Lisa Colla
"I chose aged care because a few years ago we had to put my Poppy into a facility, and I really appreciated and admired what they did for him. I chose to study aged care at Sage because unlike some other institutes, Sage offered the equipment and hoists to practice on in the class room. I really think this gave me a leg up. On my first day of class I was so excited and nervous at the same time, but once we sat down and the class got to know each other everything kind of just fell into place. I really enjoyed every minute of studying at Sage! I’ve now been working in the industry for 8 months, and I have enough stories to last me a life time. No day is ever the same and that’s what I love about this job - everyday something or someone makes you smile!"
Lynette Sutton
"This course has changed my life because it has given me hope to know there is something more rewarding out there career wise I can do. The Sage part time course is a great way to study while I can continue to work my current job. I am finding something now that fits me and I know it is what I am suppose to be doing. I would definitely recommend anyone who is passionate about aged care to do this course. Sage is professional and it is a fun way of learning. If anyone it thinking of studying aged care, DO IT, DO IT, it really is an enjoyable experience, it is fun, and they make the challenging parts easy to follow."
Kerry Heppell
"The lectures are wonderful Dee our trainer is extremely informative, kind and also understanding. We are learning so much from her and her experiences in aged care. I am learning from a mixture of theory and most importantly practical activity. We practice many hours on aged care lifting machines, hoists and on aged care beds preparing us for when we enter the workforce. To all the people who have a passion in caring and aged care I would say give this course a go. The Sage experience so far has been awesome!"
Jeanette Winnel
“I was finding my current job provided no motivation or satisfaction for me. Since doing the course I have found a new lease of life and a career that I definitely want to progress in. My lecturer is brilliant, extremely brilliant! She is very professional with delivering the course, very informative, and I can ask her any question. I would recommend the course because when looking for a training institute I was looking for a course that was thorough and not rushed. I wanted the best education available and during the placement I got offered a job!”

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