Meet the team: Peter Evans – Career Agent, Sage Institute of Aged Care

Peter Evans - Sage Institute of Aged Care

Critical to the success of our wonderful Sage education programs, and helping you to achieve your career dreams, are the Sage Career Agents! Career Agents guide the students through their training and help each student with their personal career goals.

When they are not hands on with the students, Career Agents are out and about around Victoria, developing and maintaining industry partnerships.  These partnerships give Sage students access to great places to undertake their practical placements and update our Career websites with the latest jobs. In addition to this, your Career Agent also organises career and recruitment events so that the students can meet and greet relevant industry partners.

Phew, that sure makes your Career Agent a busy individual!  But such an important one for you to get to know…

Let’s start with a finding out a little bit about Peter Evans, Career Agent, Sage Institute of Aged Care.  Peter responded to the questions below.

Tell us about your background
I have managed many large businesses in the UK and Australia in the Health and Fitness sector between 1985 and 2000. I am a former professional tennis player (and can hit a ball between my legs, facing the wrong way for a winner!) I am currently coaching my 15 year old son.

I have worked in the VET sector for 10 years and also currently manage Sage’s School Based Training Program. We are the leaders in providing School Based Traineeships in Victoria in Aged Care, Child Care, Fitness and Business.

What made you become a Career Agent?
My partner’s father recently passed away having spent his last 18 months in care in Bendigo. The compassion and care the staff showed him during this time was inspiring. Anything I can do to help this industry is time well spent.

Do you have any tips about the industry? 
We’ll all be old one day, so show respect for all elders, especially those in our partner organisations.

What are your hobbies? 
Iron Man competitions, tennis, trashy television shows like The Bachelor (can you believe he fell in love with two women?) and “If you are the One.” It’s on SBS, give it a try, it’s hilarious. And of course, the Essendon Football Club, premiers elect in 2022.

What is your favourite food?
My home cooked shortbreads.

If you were given the chance to travel into the past, where would you go and why?
I am happy right where I am now, so there’s no need to go back.

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